The Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild Attends the 2019 Sacred Music Symposium

Members of the Guild exhibited sacred art at the 2019 B.C. Sacred Music Symposium, held at Sts. Joachim & Ann Parish, Aldergrove, B.C. between Aug. 2 to 4 this summer. Keynote speaker, Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, gave an inspiring presentation on music and the liturgy.

“Music is integral to the liturgy…”, began Msgr. Wadsworth and said we have to recover the true sense of the sacred. He made reference to our sacred visual art display and included sacred visual art as part of this rediscovery process. “We have to give up mediocrity…” continued Msgr. Wadsworth, “…to teach our children the language of beauty… to be re-enchanted with the beauty (of music) in the Church.”

Over the week-end symposium participants studied chant and polyphony in their classes and then presented beautiful Gregorian chant during the sung Divine Office as well as during the Holy Masses.

In one of the break out sessions ESAG artist, Ilona Payne, gave a presentation entitled The Role of Liturgical Vesture in our Relationship with God, an overview of the nature and history of vestments with a particular focus on the chasuble.

Artists Steve Knight, Patricia Ballard, Ana Maria Silva, John Suter, Ilona Payne and Ana Diaz-Drew exhibited their sacred artworks. Steve Knight worked on an icon and demonstrated his painting techniques. The Catholic Woman’s League catered an amazing banquet on Saturday night. Guild chaplain, Fr. Lawrence Donnelly hosted this important cultural event at his parish.

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