Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild 15th Anniversary Exhibition 'Windows Into Heaven' is a resounding

Mark Donnelly directs the sacred music choir which performs his original Gregorian chant compositions for the opening night celebrations of the 'Windows Into Heaven' Anniversary

Exhibition on Oct 12, 2018.

Archbishop Michael Miller Blesses and Opens the


The Esag Executive poses with Archbishop Michael Miller just after the show blessing and opening.

Photo from left to right: Chris Kielesinski, Patricia Ballard, Paul Stilwell, Ana Maria Silva, Archbishop Michael Miller, Ilona Payne and Steve Knight.

The Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild's 15th Anniversary Exhibition 'Windows Into Heaven' held at the St. John Paul II Pastoral Centre featured the art of 16 Guild members who produced over 36 works.

The work was shown both in the Karol Wojtyla Hall (below) and in a more intimate setting of break-out rooms A and B.

Earlier in the Day--Setting up the Exhibit in the Karol Wojtyla Hall.

Chris Kielesinski carefully unwraps the art works.

Kaye McMahon working at the ticket table on Opening Night.

Guild Artists Ana Diaz-Drew and Patricia Ballard speak with guest Gale Gleason. The Exhibition attracts many visitors during the 9 days.

Break Out Rooms A and B--A more intimate setting for the works.

Father John Horgan loaned two 100-year old vestments, and the red chasuble which he designed in 1987.

Detail of the black requiem chasuble made in Holland. The Phoenix rising from the flames is a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ.

Bart Begalka talks with Gabriel Silva on opening night.

Alexander McCune, director of Western Chant, and Gregory Gascoigne, director of Eastern Chant

perform sacred music with their choir at the Closing Day Event on Oct. 20, 2018.

Since our October 12-20th Exhibition, we have visited Christ The Redeemer Church (seen below), St.

Anthony's Church both in West Vancouver, and St. Pius X Church in North Vancouver and have

shown original works and framed prints, religious jewellery, rosaries, and other items for display and

sale. Visit us on Facebook to see photos of our parish exhibits.

Christ The Redeemer Church--Early in the morning as the ESAG arrives to set up their display.

We thank the parishes who welcome us and help in our mission of presenting original Catholic

liturgical and religious art for the diocese.

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