"Shop Talk" Session a hit at ESAG in May

On Saturday, May 13, 2017 our session "Shop Talk" proved to be a great hit as the Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild artists emptied out their studios and brought in art books, art materials and odds and ends to share, sell and/or give away.

Iconographer Alina Smolyansky shares her work in progress during the "Show and Tell" Session

We all talked at length about the art work we are currently making or have recently completed

in such areas as statue restoration, wood carving, charcoal and conte drawing, iconography, calligraphy and Early Renaissance painting. We also had in-depth talks about some specific techniques which we usually don’t have time to do.

John Suter will be teaching the finer points in Celtic Knot drawing in a workshop in June

Six or seven enthusiastic Guild students have signed up for John Suter’s "Celtic Knot Drawing Workshop" which will take place on Friday, June 23 and Saturday, June 24th (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at Patricia’s home. Each day is a separate class so you could take one or two days and still learn ‘the ropes’.

A gathering of artists from last year's Annual Retreat held at the Westminister Abbey

Members have signed up for the "Annual Day Retreat for Artists" at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, June 10th. Watch out for e-mail notices for the details and don’t forget to bring up

your art work to show all the members, Fr. Donnelly, Fr. Abbot and all the monks.

Group photo of the members from the workshop for iconography held at Abbotsford

Earlier in the month, on May 7th, several members from the iconography class in Abbotsford gathered at St. Ann’s Parish to have the images of the Pantocrator that they had “written” during the workshop blessed by Fr. Hien. This was the final step in a long process which began at the end of January and was completed by the end of April. We met every Thursday morning for four hours to learn the process of writing an icon, share much laughter, and grumble about the snow and never ending rain. Parishioners were impressed with the quality of the images created by the first time iconographers.

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