Our Aims


The aims of the Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild focus upon the spiritual, educational, promotional and practical aspects of sacred art, as defined by the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. We welcome artists and associates who are seeking to give glory to God through their work. We believe that our art must be fed through prayer, contemplation and a full sacramental life. 

  • To reveal the depth and beauty of Christian truth through Catholic sacred art

  • To assist parish priests and families in forming the faithful in the appreciation of the role of beauty

  •  To organize spiritual retreats for artists, parish priests and/or associates

  •  To work under the spiritual direction of a chaplain

  •  To abide by the norms and decisions of ecclesial authority regarding sacred arts

Educational Aims
  • To educate artists regarding the traditions and norms of Catholic sacred art

  •  To educate artists on contemporary and traditional methods, materials and techniques

  •  To foster apprenticeship programs and mentoring

  •  To co-operate with schools, colleges and seminaries regarding education on the value and nature of Catholic sacred art

  •  To organize occasional workshops, classes and talks for members, parishes and schools

  •  To found a library of reference books on all manner of sacred art

  • To establish a directory of artists, architects, conservators, and artisans involved in the sacred arts

  •  To catalogue the works of member artists

  •  To establish shared studio space available to members

  •  To provide support for members in their professional development through such means as a mentor list

  •  To foster communication among members

  • To encourage collaboration among artist members

  •  To provide referrals, information, and resource exchange among members

  •  To pursue those activities which promote the professional and fraternal benefit of the Guild and its members

  •  To co-operate with the Archdiocesan Sacred Arts Commission

  •  To co-operate with other organizations that promote Catholic sacred art

  • To organize exhibits and sales for works that exemplify Catholic sacred arts

  •  To establish a gallery for the exhibition and preservation of works of sacred art in the Catholic tradition