Spiritual Activities



The source of making sacred art is the contemplation of Beauty, Goodness and Truth.  To this end the Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild offers its members annually 2 day retreats for artists.


Our summer retreat is held at Westminster Abbey in Mission, B.C. where Fr. Abbot and our chaplain or other guest priests lead us in prayer, presentations and discussions about the nature of sacred art and its purpose in our culture.  We have lively discourses and enjoy a potluck meal as we rest in the natural beauty of the Abbey grounds.



Educational Activities



Education is a key component of the Guild’s mandate. We present to various Archdiocesan and parish groups topics on sacred art to develop an understanding of how sacred images are used to proclaim the truth of Sacred Scripture in the light of the Catholic teaching. 



Individual members also offer workshop in various disciplines such as gilding, calligraphy, and iconography. 


Promotional Activities



Our ESAG Promotional activities include promoting the Guild through the website, social media and cooperation with other organizations to organize the biennial ESAG Exhibition of Sacred Art. The 2018 Exhibition will celebrate our 15th Anniversary and will be held at the John Paul II Pastoral Centre in Vancouver, BC.


Other activities include arranging occasional showcases at Parishes around the Archdiocese.


Program  for the 2018-19 Season


St. Helen’s Parish,

3860 Triumph St.,

Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2Y8

Meeting Times: 12:30-3:30 pm sharp

(another group uses the space after us)

Pot Luck Lunch: 12:30 1:00pm

Talk starts at 1:00pm promptly!

(unless otherwise stated)

Meeting dates for 2019-2020 Season

2019 Sept. 21

Welcome and an Introduction to the Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild

at our new location of St. Helen’s Church, Burnaby.
Explaining our Spiritual, Education, Practical and Promotional Aims.

Memberships, Powerpoint Presentation of our Artists and their Art.

Oct. 12

‘Windows Into Heaven’

An Introductory Guide to Icons presented by ESAG President, Steve Knight.
This presentation traces the development of icons from the Roman period to the present day.


Nov. 9

A Retrospective Look at the Art of John Suter
Calligrapher, Illuminator, and Graphic Artist


Dec. 14

Day of Reflection for Artists
Retreat Master:  Father Larry Lynn (to be confirmed)
Annual General Meeting and Elections


2020 Jan. 11

Feast of the Epiphany—Celebration
“Rescuing the Medieval World: Matthew Parker, Sir Robert Cotton and the Preservation of England’s Past." A filmed lecture by Dr. Timothy Graham about the ancient manuscripts which survived the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII.
Discussion to follow.

Feb. 8

Mar. 14

April 18

May 9.

More details to follow, check back soon.